How to get a website

Writing contents for your website

If you are going to write your own contents, you must write these contents for your visitors, not for you. You must give your visitors what they want.

Normally your visitors will read between 5%-10% of your whole site. This is because when they find what they want maybe they will leave.

If you are trying to sell something you have to be sure visitors see your products or services soon.

The visitors of a website don't read the pages like a book, they scan them looking for what they want. So you have to assure
a concise way writing. Visitors don't like to read tons of text on a web page.

You have to do a good navigation and organization on your site too. Before starting writing contents you must write on a paper all kind of contents you plan to write, classify them in groups and make a logical navigation.

Navigation is very important because the visitor can get lost and abandon the website. Be sure your navigation is consistent and doesn't change from section to section. 2006 - All rights reserved