How to get a website


If you want to have your own store over Internet to sell products there are many tools that will help you to create an e-commerce site.
These tools include shopping cart and can use credit cards.

Things to consider when choosing e-commerce tools:
  • Software: see if you would need special software or they provide you with all.
  • Time to implement all: it's important to know how much time you will need to have your site working over Internet.
  • Easy tools: be sure the tools are easy to use.
  • Customize: it's important you can customize these tools to look like your whole site looks. It looks more professional when visitors see your shopping cart completely integrated in your site and it doesn't look like a different site.
  • Export: see if you can export all the data to another software, for example your accounting software.
  • Statistics: statistics will help you to manage your business.
  • Prices: some tools are free and others don't. Compare prices and services. 2006 - All rights reserved