How to get a website

Choose a domain name

The domain name is a unique name that identifies a site on Internet. For example a domain name is

There are some alternatives to name your website:
  • Brand names: if you plan to do a business site or you already have your own company, you can use your business name or brand name, for example
    This name could be the first word visitors will type in search engines and it would be the easiest name for them to remember.
  • Keyword names: another good way to choose your domain name is to take a name that contains the words people normally would type in search engines to find your website, normally called keywords. For example if you plan to do a tourism site.
    The search engines will give preference to keywords that can be found in your domain name.
Following your business plan you have to decide by yourself if you want to use your brand name or keyword name.

There is some disagreement about what is better: a long or short domain name: short domain names as are easy to remember, but others like , which may be an acronym of a company, are so hard to remember. In the other side, long domain names like are easy to remember.

You can choose domain names that end with: .com, .net, .org, biz, etc. I would recommend to use the .com names because are easy to remember.

Many times the domain names you would like to own are not available, in these cases try to add some words or characters, for example if you would like to have a domain name like, try instead or 2006 - All rights reserved