How to get a website

How to register a domain name

There are many domain name registrars that have different prices and offer almost the same services, you can find registrars that will charge you $35 and others that will charge you only $9! Try to look at different companies, compare their prices and services and then decide.

You can register a domain name for one year or more. I recommend the first time to register the domain name for only one year. In case you need more time, you can always renew your domain name for more years before the first year expires.

Normally your name, email and address will be public, so people could see your personal information. There are some companies that will offer you private domain registration, that will keep your information out of the global Internet database. I recommend this extra service because maybe you would like to preserve your privacy or you don't want spam or junk emails.

Be sure your domain name is locked. A locked domain can not be transferred to another registrar, so it will be secure. If you need to transfer in the future your domain name to another registrar, the only thing you must do is unlock it, then the new registrar can take your domain from the old registrar. Once the transfer process is completed just lock it again.

Some registrars offer an autorenewal option to their clients, it means they will automatically renew you domain registration for another year when the expiration date comes. It prevents other people to register your domain. Maybe this is a good option for you.

Try to get a company that will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week in case you have a problem.

Another important thing is to assure you will be able to sell or move your domain name at any time and without any extra cost.

When you finally register your domain name, you will have to wait 24-48 hours to have your domain name active.

Today it is not expensive to register a domain name, you can register for as low as $9 or $10 per year, so it is highly recommended to register your own domain name! 2006 - All rights reserved