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Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are programs that let you sell other company products from your website. The good thing about these programs is that you don't have to worry about inventories, credit cards or shipping, they will do it for you and will pay you a commission.

There are many affiliate programs, so you must look for a program that sells something related to your site.

The idea is simple: you create links to products on the program website with an unique code that lets the program know that you provided that link. If the visitor clicks the link and then makes a purchase you will receive a commission.

Things to consider before choosing an affiliate program:
  • Kind of product: you must sell products related to the contents of your site.
  • Links: see if it's easy to include the links in your website.
  • Commission: percentage you will receive.
  • Payments: frequency of payments to you. 2006 - All rights reserved