How to get a website

Web templates

A web template is a web design done to be used in your site.

Templates come with graphic elements, HTML files, Flash files and everything you need for your site. They can give a more professional looking to your site.

There are web templates that are free and others that have a price. But normally non-free templates are cheap. Take a look on Template Monster to see what I mean.

Sometimes you will need to know to use a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or a text/code editor such as Notepad or Ultraedit to customize your templates.
If you don't want to customize your template by yourself you can contract the services of professionals who do it for you, by example the people of Template Tuning who will customize your template for you.

Things to consider before choosing a web template:
  • Design: you have to see if the design fits your expectations.
  • How quickly the page loads: test if the page loads fast.
  • Cost of templates: you must compare price/quality.
  • Customize: this is very important because some templates are very hard to customize when they are supposed to be used by beginners. Be sure you can edit and modify it in an easy way.
  • Limitations: many times you can use the template in only one project.
  • Exclusive or not: the templates can be non-exclusive or exclusive depending if other people can buy the same templates or not. 2006 - All rights reserved